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Chemical tankers procedure - Rescue from cargo tanks and other enclosed spaces

It is imperative that regular drills and exercises to practice rescue from enclosed spaces are carried out and that all members of a rescue team know what is expected of them.

When personnel are in need of rescue from an enclosed space, the first action must be to raise the alarm. Rescue and resuscitation equipment should already have been prepared. Although speed is often vital in the interest of saving life, rescue operations should not be attempted until the necessary assistance has been obtained. There are many examples of lives having been lost through hasty, ill-prepared rescue attempts.

Whenever it is suspected that an unsafe atmosphere has been a contributory factor to an accident, breathing apparatus and, where practicable, lifelines should be used by persons entering the space. A code of signals should be agreed in advance. The officer in charge of the rescue should remain outside the space, where he can exercise the most effective control.

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